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About RSS (Really Simple Syndication)

RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is a way for news to be syndicated on the web. RSS Readers can be used to view news articles which have been syndicated via RSS. RSS readers are embedded in the following programs/web applications:

Subscribing to a Feed with My Yahoo!

If you use My Yahoo! as your RSS reader, you will find an easy way to subscribe to our RSS feeds. Simply click the + My Yahoo button to instantly add the feed to your My Yahoo! page.

Adding RSS Feeds via URL

To add content by URL to your reader, click the XML button. You'll see a webpage that looks like a bunch of machine code, but don't be intimidated! Just copy the address of the webpage and paste it into your reader's Add RSS via URL box.

Available News Feeds offers a number of news feeds by category:

All Categories<b>All Categories</b>Add to My Yahoo! NewsAdd to My Yahoo!
AdventureQuest NewsAdventureQuest NewsAdd to My Yahoo!
BattleOn Town NewsBattleOn Town NewsAdd to My Yahoo!
DragonFable Design NotesDragonFable Design NotesAdd to My Yahoo!
MechQuest Design NotesMechQuest Design NotesAdd to My Yahoo!

Feed Validation

Our feeds have been tested using FEED Validator. This ensures that the feeds work in all RSS readers.

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