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A day at the secret underground lab!

Category: DF Design Notes
Posted on May 9, 2007

Yesterday felt like a pretty typical day. We have so much going on that my brain explodes regularly* ... however, from your side of the monitor it is hard to tell what all is going on. Today, along with the sneak peak pics I promised on the 7th is a look at... exactly what I did, yesterday! (P.S. Tuesday are typically... "other project" days)

* Makes you a less desirable target for brain eating zombies.

10:30 am - Picked up Warlic form the Airport. Perfect timing + 10 points!
11:30 am - Met with Cysero & Zhoom on Dragon Egg hatching plotline and progress. We are throwing everything we have at DF to get the art for 3 to 5 zones. Adding zone bosses and the titan bosses are going to rule. We are trying a new style of questing that introduces random quests from a single NPC the level range you are at. We have the baby dragon working, but he needs some serious alterations to fit smoothly. It is really hard to finish things in the week before our expected release dates so we have to do things in bite sized chunks. We spent the rest of the hour dividing up the work between us, smbDoll, J, Miltonius, Oishii and Thyton. Xan's volcanic lair is first on the list.
12:30 pm - Phone call with our Lawyer about continuing business work on the TV show stuff (takes eternity and a half to move any of this stuff), some papers we needed to sign for a minigame project (100% ebil), and finally we have something in the works that is long overdue, but I am not allowed to mention here.... except for to say, OH DEAR GOD THAT IS EXPENSIVE!
1:00 pm - We saw the new animated short that J made (Futuristic, OMG it is good) and then Zhoom.... who is caught up and very far ahead of schedule for the rest of us..... moved on to finish the engine for.... oh geez, I am not going to post this am I? Darn it. I did say it was coming about 3 years ago.
3:00 pm - Phone meeting with the business guys and our bankers about some upcoming trips we have to make. Warlic was making faces at me the whole time.
3:30 pm - Photoshoot at the Martial Arts school for the live action MA Minigame project. We took the greenscreen to the dojo.... we also had a mini-greenscreen which we used like a cloak of invisibility for an assistant to hold the actors leg up for the hard to capture high kicks. Warlic built a demo of the game about 3 weeks ago which feels (perhaps too much) like mortal combat. We really did not like the young students fighting eath other with weapons (Some used Swords, Kama, Numchuku) so we decided to use photoshoped monsters as the opponents.
4:00 pm Meanwhile, Cysero drew 32 new blades, 35 hilts and a dozen staff heads & weapon ordaments which can be combined into a thousand new weapons. These are for the 3-5 new zones that are in the works. Also, Oishii finished a Dwarven miner NPC and began work on Zhoom's NPC. Sasha scanned the never ending pile of new art from Thyton while Safiria and Nythera answered somewhere in the ballpark of 2,000 emails.
5:00 pm - We met with Voltiare to review the latest version of the Deady minigame we made for him. *moment of silence* Thumbs up! Voltiare is the dark & spooky artist / musician who did the song brains for the Billy and Mandy TV show (and the intro song for Billy and Mandy's big boogie adventure) on the cartoon network. Even though Voltaire and Artix are at extreme opposites on the brilliant evil vs dumb good scale.... wow, is it an honor to work on this project.
6:00 pm - Caught up on what the rest of the team was doing.... Galanoth is working on this weeks AdventureQuest release which is the Exodus War with a boss, four new monthers, and two new weapons. Hollow is working on new NPCs, Maxwell is on the fairwind puddle and upcoming saga, Falerin is working on the quest dialog with Maxwell, Cap'n Rhubarb finished his security audits and is updating the tracking system on the AQ and DF homepages, and there is some class planning happening for AQ too. I get that sinking feeling in my stomach that the comic, artbooks, and first 15-min aq/df short are going to take the backburner to the main AdventureQuest and DragonFable projects. One silly problem, Thyton finished the first few pages of the comic but they are on 16x11 professional comic artist paper and we do not have anything big enough to scan them on... I need to make the hike over to Kinkos sometime this week. Rolith, has the backend for the new minigame site jsut about ready to go and we got a design we liked last week -- so we should be good to go in week.
6:30 pm - Obligatory daily Ninja Battle
7:30 pm - Dinner! Mmmmmmm.......on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays... Zhoom, Cysero, and I go to the gym and do 1 hour of weight training followed by 30 minutes of cardio. Just because we are crazy gamers and work our minds like crazy is no excuse not to do the same thing with our bodies.and we are serious about this.... for example, when we have a late night here like many Fridays are... we go first thing Saturday morning. Zhoom already hit his first goal from our training. As you can imagine we spend the time in between running on the treadmill talking about what we have to do next on DragonFable and how to make stuff work. The Robina minigame physics was actually written on the back of a napkin while we were ordering protien shakes. Tuesdays and Thursdays mean... when I get home and boot up my computer my arms do not hurt when I type!
9:00 pm - Back to the bat cave! Sleep is for the weak (or for those who have not had an entire pot of coffee, 2 starbucks coffees, and a few sodas like poor Warlic did yesterday.... I exceeded my normal limit of "1 heavily saturated unit of caffeine" per day too. ) A little work on Jimmy the Eye followed by seeing "Alien Apocolypse" staring Bruce Campbell (Our hero) and well.....

... at least yesterday was not as busy as today is!

Battle on!

Sneaky Peak!
Jimmy The Eye
Fae's Story Page for website- Not at all accurate at all, or even typed right.

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