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So you want SnuggleGram Armor?

Category: DF Design Notes
Posted on February 16, 2007

We read your threads.... we think you are crazy... but we read your threads! Thus a special SnuggleBear Helmet has been added to the game as a rare drop until Monday! If you click on equip the helmet you will look stylish. But, if you click on the helmet it will magically transform you into the Snugglebear armor! (Poor Zhoom had to rewrite the walking engine to make it work -- so be sure you are playing on the the most recent build of DragonFable 3.14i)

The SnuggleBear transforming helm is a seasonal rare and has a very small percent chance to drop in the new mini-boss quest and in dungeons that shall be announced by Cysero on the forums. Alternatively, you can aquire it from Cysero's shop for 45 DragonCoins. The helm will only be available until Monday..... may the fates favor your dungeon drop rolls!

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