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Corrupted House Mechs! But... Why?

Category: MQ Design Notes
Posted on January 15, 2010

By Korin and blues

By the time you read this, the release will be live. Why? Because I already finished and released everything before I started typing. So HA!!! And now for something completely different from... Blues!

Here the new specials for the Corrupted House Mechas: (All Weapons have standard CD´s. Body and Head 5, rest 3)


- Body
- Shield transferes EP to HP for 5 turns
- reflects 25% damage for 5 turns

- Head
- Damage boost of 40% for 5 turns

- Shoulders
One normal HP DoT, one normal EP DoT.
Both Shoulders are stackable

- FA Drains EP for 3 turns

- BA - blue sphere
irritating effect, +30BtH and +30 defense for 3 turns

- red sphere
armor damage, -50 defense for 3 turns

- yellow sphere
blinding attack, -50 BtH for 3 turns


- Body
Gives -25% damage and -25 BtH for enemy.

- Head
- 20% damage boost for 5 turns, +20 BtH for 5 turns

- Shoulders
- Shoulders do more damage with every activation

- FA
- gives HP and EP DoT, 3 turns, 1.5 time DoT.

- BA
- increasing damage.


- Body - gives -40 defense for the enemy, +40 BTH for the player and 1.5 times damage

- Head - +35% damage player, -35% damage enemy for 5 turns

- Shoulders - give 1.5 times damage

- FA - gives double DoT

- BA - 1st and 3rd hit crit, 2nd and 4th hit -20 BtH for the enemy, stackable. Lasts 3 turns.

Thank you, Blues. We should probably address why the House Mechas are corrupted. As you may have noticed, the Shadowscythe have expressed interest in a certain House Leader. They're also disrupting the GEARS Games for whoever is in first place. By first place I mean quite literally whoever is in first. If Runehawk or Mystraven come in first place, the Shadowscythe will appear for them as well. We're not playing favorites :P

Aside from the Corrupted House mechs, we're also releasing GEARS Games Edition House Mecha. All of these mechs are rare. Grab them while you can!

I hope everyone enjoys the new mechs! This has been a fun GEARS Games. Looks like we'll be more towards back on track last week. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Don't forget to tell your friends to play MechQuest! Later!

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