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GEARS Games Increased!

Category: MQ Design Notes
Posted on January 9, 2010

By Warlic

Hello Everyone! -

This year's GEARS Games event is in one word... INSANE! I have never seen anything like this... Players are literally RIPPING through this war. MechQuest wars have historically been a bit sluggish. So it is actually a shock to see this years games event getting torn to shreds. We still have more content to create for the end of the war - More rewards, etc... And to top it al off... it is a dead even race! I have never seen a 3 way tie before in the history of the games! I am speechless....

Anyway, because of this madness, I have to double the war goals (hopefully double will be enough) In order to make sure that the games don't end prematurely... So, please don't think of this as a set back. This is the most active war we've had in MQ for over a year. We just simply underestimated the pace of this war! Awesome job to everyone for making this the most exciting GEARS Games event in MQ history!! I have no idea how this is going to turn out! (Go Runehawk!)

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