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New Years Party Coming to Soluna!

Category: MQ Design Notes
Posted on December 30, 2009

By Warlic and blues

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone is continuing to have a wonderful holiday season! We are getting our New Years Party ready for tomorrow. This week's release is happening Thursday at midnight (Technically Friday at 12:00am Server Time)! This time around we have an updated fireworks show and some new music for the Band!. Korin really knocked this one out o the park! The fireworks look absolutely incredible. We also have some new weapons coming for the New Year!

This week, Rolith and Alac finally convinced me to start a Twitter account. You can follow me here! I have already been swept up into a maelstrom of tweetilicious productivity killing randomness! today we celebrated Artix and Nythera's birthday with cake and pizza! I am feeling the effects of Nythera's extremely rich cake...

Hey wait a minute... that cake wasn't poisoned was it? Nythera would never make an attempt on my life... that is a completely ludicrous idea!

Hey Blues, why don't you tell us about the new weapons?

Sure, Warlic, Here you go!

Here are the Stats of the New Years Weapons!

When you like Fireworks, then these are the ones for you.

Dazzler 3010, BA, SC, 2 hits, CD 3
- first hit distracts enemy, -40BTH for 3 turns
- second hit gets +70 BtH and increased damage.

Uppercut Rocket, FA, NG,1 hit,CD 3
This amazing FA has 2 different one hit attacks.
- increased damage. Defense NoT of 50-40-30, additional chance for a 1.5 time DoT.
- increased damage. BtH NoT of 50-40-30, additional chance for a 1.5 time DoT.

Sparkler Rocket, Shoulder, NSC, 1 hit, CD 3
- Increased damage, 1.5 time DoT

Launcher of Awe, Shoulder, SC, 1 hit, CD 3
- increased damage, damage NoT of 50-40-30

The black cat, Head, NG, 4 hits CD 5
- increasing damage for all hits
- hit 1 does a BtH boost for the other 3 hits of +50
- hit 2 has a defense BoT, 20-30-40-50-60, overrides
- hit 3 causes an energy leak.Chance for EP DoT for 5 turns and 5 turn EP regeneration stop
- hit 4 has a chance for only 50% damage input for 5 turns. Has a 50/50 chance every turn when activated.

I wish all of you a Happy and Healthy New Year!
Have fun and look forward to MQ's 3010

©2017 Artix Entertainment, LLC

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