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Posted on December 22, 2009

By blues

Soon the SC gifts will unwrap and you can test your brand new Viking Mecha.

Many of you are for sure curious about the specials.... here they come:

SubZero Gaze (Head, 2 Hits):
The Head has 2 specials, both activate on hit. They are a BtH nerf for the enemy and a BtH buff for the player. Both wear off over time and override all other BtH effects. CoolDown is 5.

Frozen Cannon (Body, 5 Hits):
This amazing Body attack got 2 specials. Every hit does increasing damage and it nerfs the enemies damage. This effect wears off over time and overrides all other damage nerfs. It activates on hit.

CoolDown is 5.

Viking Ball and Chain (Shoulders, 2 hits):
These shoulders do more damage every time you use them. So, make sure to use them often! CoolDown is 2.

Frostval Axe (FA, 1 Hit):
The Axe has a chance for a crit boost and a DoT.
CoolDown is 3.

Fryse Spyd (BA, 2 Hits):
Got also two specials. First hit has a chance for a damage boost, second chance for a 1.5 time DoT. DoT's from FA and BA stack.
CoolDown is 3.

This Mecha is awesome and I hope that all SC players enjoy this gift. Not only that you get the Mecha, you can also keep the Weapons if you like and it scales 40 Levels! I love this Mecha, the looks, the specials and the animations.

And hereĀ“s another new Mecha. Ever wanted to be a Yeti? Now you have the chance to! We have two variants of this Mecha. A NSC and a NG one.

Yeti Freeze (BA, 2 Hits):

NSC: .Chance for a DoT and a Defense nerf of 40. CD is 3
NG: Chance for a 1.5 time DoT and a defense nerf of 50. CD is 3.

Fist of the North Pole (FA, 1hit):
NSC: Chance for a damage boost. CD is 3
NG: Chance for a damage boost and damage NoT for 3 turns. CD is 3.

Yeti Blaster (Shoulders, 1 Hit):
NSC: BS has an increased crit chance, FS a damage boost. CD's are 3.
NG: BS increased crit chance, FS damage boost, both chance for an additional hit. CD is 3.

Pine Pulverizer (Body, 1 Hit):
NSC: Chance for a BtH nerf of 30, chance for crit.. CD is 5.
NG: Chance for damage boost, chance for BtH nerf of 40. CD is 5.

Abominable Staredown (Head, 1 Hit:)
NSC: General damage boost of 20 for 5 turns, CD is 5
NG: General damage boost of 40 for 5 turns, enemy damage nerf of 20. CD is 5.

NG version scales from Level 1 to 40.

Whenever I read Yeti I think of IMY (Icemaster Yeti), our Forum Admin. Not only because of the name, some people say that he also looks like one :P

I'm visiting friends for some days, so I want to wish all of you Happy Frostval!

Enjoy these hopefully quiet days, enjoy playing MQ and Have Fun!

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