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Fixed an Assault Mecha Bug

Category: MQ Design Notes
Posted on December 17, 2009

By Warlic

It was brought to my attention yesterday that there was a very serious bug in assault mecha that was resulting in a game crash and loss of Exp/Credits. Basically, pressing the fight button multiple times before the fight started loading was causing multiple enemies to load at once...

Anyway, the underground headquarters was deadly silent today as everyone is working extra hard to get their releases finished on time! At least so far - bugs are very few.... I am sure I just jinxed us for tomorrow. Believe me, I have yet to work a Friday here that isn't full of exciting hair pulling and "omg omg omg I broke the entire game 5 minutes before release" moments! Anyway I hope you are enjoying Frostval so far! Will see you for release tomorrow! Battle on!

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