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Ticklish Zorbo- Restocked in Limited Supply!

Category: MQ Design Notes
Posted on December 16, 2009

By Warlic

Vil-Mart just received a small shipment of Ticklish Zorbos! Go there now! This small shipment is only expected to last through the end of the day. So act fast! Don't miss out on your last opportunity to get this super rare holiday item!

In other news, the secret underground lab is a flurry of activity this week! Everyone is working overtime to get everything finished for their holiday releases! I am up to my nose in Yetis... Yes... Yetis. Yergen Von Shmergenbergen has turned into a Yeti-making machine and is almost finished with 3 fully animated Yetis and several new items... not to mention the surprise sub-boss monster that he has already finished.... I have a lot of AI to code today! I also brought in my micrphone to record some belches with Yergen... Don't ask... It is something that we just have to do.... While all of this is happening, Korin is making several cutscenes - Remember the end of the Lagos war, when he was slammed with cranking out 3 full cutscenes? Well, we did it to him again... Sorry Korin!

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