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Ticklish Zorbo Coming Friday

Category: MQ Design Notes
Posted on December 9, 2009

By Warlic

This holiday's hottest item is hitting Vil-Mart's shelves this Friday! Ever since Ebilcorp Toys Unlimited announced their newest product, demand has been skyrocketing! They will be offering 2 Ticklish Zorbo models, one for mecha shoulder equip spots and another for use in starships! Starship models are designed to be loving pets that eat bacon and dance to your starship music (Ticklish Zorbo apparently enjoys Headbanging to Evil Jim music...). And for your mecha battle needs, Ticklish Zorbo will equip to your front shoulder and pummel your enemies with love! It is a fierce defender who will go to great lengths to protect it's loving owners! So go to Vil-Mart this Friday and pick up your very own Ticklish Zorbo! (Quantities are extremely limited! Get yours while supplies last! ) To celebrate the release of Ticklish Zorbo, Ebilcorp is holding a Ticklish Zorbo Dance Party - here!

Note: due to the extreme popularity of Ticklish Zorbo, Holiday shops are expected to be full of highly competitive shoppers this Friday. Starship trafic is already starting to build up in Planet Thoh's airspace. Local security forces are expecting a code red situation this Friday!

Ebilcorp denies all liability for any issues that you might experience from increased traffic situations.

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