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Welcome Frostval/Vil-Mart/Sekali Temple

Category: MQ Design Notes
Posted on December 3, 2009

By Korin

Greetings fellows! What a release we have today. Seriously. While I was off working on my own set of quests, Warlic was helping me with Frostval. So now we have the first week fo Frostval and a decently complex boss zone.

Note: Equip your energy blades.

This is all pretty exciting and I should warn you that the Sekali Temple zone is pretty tough. Using the map to get the staff, using the staff to get through the temple, reading ancient tomes that reveal hints about the history, and opening a secret door and ending up fighting a very hard boss makes for a pretty beefy release. If it wasn't enough, there's more.

Frostval begins! You can go to Frostval and replay last years amazing event! AND!!!! Be sure to stop by Vil-Mart and talk to Zanta Claus!

The above paragraph is what Warlic was saying. So it sounds like we have a new gift for Star Captains and some items for Starships. Vil-Mart will be getting more weapons over the weeks so I hope everyone looks forward to it.

So what fun things can I mention about this week? I was up until 4AM last night working on this release. Quite exciting.

We celebrated a few things this week. NRCDFNAR which is National Random Cake Day For No Apparent Reason (It was someone's Birthday). Also something like Happy Almost Forgot Your Birthday Day or something. So 2 cakes in 1 week. Technically 3 because the latest day was 2 birthdays so we had 2 cakes. Good times. I only got to eat from one of them.

This is completely off topic but I got the most awesome Sonic shirt from Epcot this week. I just have to point that out. If anyone else thinks they have a cooler shirt, I'm sorry to say, you don't. It's on my Facebook pictures if you want to see it.

I'm hearing that things appear to be working. It may be time to roll.

I hope everyone enjoys the release. We enjoyed making it for you. Like MechQuest? Tell your friends. Enjoy your weekend!

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