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Dragons! Ravens! Gooooo, Friday!

Category: DF Design Notes
Posted on January 8, 2010

By Alac

Wait, are we playing sports or releasing an update?
It's not the SuperBowl (DragonBowl? FableBowl?), it's this weekend's release! Now THAT's something we're ready to cheer about. I wonder if we have pompoms in here? I see hot sauce, a plushie Aliens Face-hugger, a velvet top hat on a fake tree.... but no pompoms. Guess we'll just have to be excited without them. On to the release news!

Don't drag your heels on the way to DragonsGrasp!! Dragonlords, make your way to DragonsGrasp to see how we've improved it! You wanted some way to make navigating the town easier, and so we've put in a map! The DragonsGrasp Inn has received attention, as well as the NPCs getting some more dialogue! Look for more content and Vilmor's storyline to come later this year!

It's a game of Hide and Seek on a citywide scale in Ravenloss!
Tomix is hunting for Greed in Ravenloss, and he needs YOUR help! He's not sure where Greed is, but in order to thoroughly search the whole city, he needs to get inside the Gate. And to do that, he needs the keys. So your mission is a two part one: help Tomix find the Gate keys and then find and defeat Greed! Make sure to turn your music on for the music and sound effects!

I'm a Spirit, in being greedy I take pride. I'm wanted.... dead or alive!

Improved Falconreach!
We've broken up the Falconreach town to improve lag. Let us know on the forums if it helps!!

In stores now!
More levels of Lim's Hydrocombustion Breaker and Cysero's Hamster weapons have been released for Dragon Coins in both Lim and Cysero's DC Clashening Shops! (Levels 25, 40, and 55)!

Have a great weekend and enjoy the release!

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