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It's 2010, and we have a LOT planned!

Category: DF Design Notes
Posted on January 4, 2010

By Alac

DragonFable is going to grow bigger and better this year!
Happy New Year (again)! It's the first full week back in the Secret Underground Lab after the holidays and after exchanging stories, laughs, and lunch, we spent a good part of the afternoon making plans! A LOT is going to come for all our games, but especially for DragonFable!

We've already talked about some of the things we'd like to do this year, and so you know that we haven't forgotten them, we wanted to remind you of what we're looking forward to building for you:

  • The Water Orb saga!
  • The DragonsGrasp storyline!
  • The Ravensloss saga!
  • Finishing the ArchKnight saga!
  • Finishing the Zorbak's Legion chain!
  • Engine 9.0!
  • Implementing the Tweak! (Classes and stats restructure)!
  • Traditional holiday events!
    (Hero's Heart Day, Mogloween, Thankstaking, and Frostval)
  • Untraditional holiday events!
    (April Fools day, Friday the Thirteenth wars, and more!)
  • Wars you expect (and wars you don't)!
  • The Clashening saga!
  • Mana alchemy training!
  • SoulWeaver class!
  • Nythera's backstory!
  • More FalconsNest improvements!
  • Updates to the Quest Log!
  • Playing as monsters!
  • Leveling up guests! (finally!)
  • Guilds!
  • Capes/wings/helms preview in inventory!
  • More quests!
  • More Togicides!
  • More classes!
  • More minigames!
  • More contests!
  • Things we haven't even thought of yet (this is the scariest one)!

Remember, this is the plan for the whole YEAR (and it's not even the whole plan!) , so these things won't all be coming out next week. But they WILL be coming out if we have anything to say about it!

But remember, we're building DragonFable for YOU, and it's important that you are a part of making it the best it can be! And if you'd like to help support DragonFable, there's no better way than by buying a Dragon Amulet! DragonLords make it possible for us to keep the servers up (and the hamsters who run around on the little wheels inside the servers running).Your suggestions are an inspiration to us, so keep them coming by posting in the DF Suggestions board on our forums!

This is a long list, we know, but we are very excited about what is on it, and we hope you are, too! There's a lot to do, and we're incredibly excited to get started!

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