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Wow, it's been THAT long?

Category: DF Design Notes
Posted on December 29, 2009

By Rolith

Apparently it's been almost a Month since I've done design notes? Weird.

I noticed the design notes hadn't gotten much attention this week and decided to pay it some. First of all, Happy Frostval! Hope you're enjoying your holidays. I'm looking forward to New Years for more than one reason ("He Shall Knock Four Times!") but mainly because it offers a fresh, new start and a chance to finish old tasks and start on new ones.

What are you most looking foward to in the coming year?

What's coming this week? Well, I think we've safely decided on a Friday Release (except for a little release Thursday *cough*) to avoid rushing and making this week's quests as well made as possible. We may be on the four sides of the country, but we're all working hard on the release.

Have a happy and safe New Years if I don't talk to you before then!

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