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Frostval time has come again!

Category: DF Design Notes
Posted on December 25, 2009

By Alac

With your help, the moglins of Lore are safe!
Every year around this time, SOMEthing happens to the moglins of Frostval! You never quite know what that will be, but when the snow starts to fall, you get the feeling that you'd better head to Frostvale to check on the moglins!

This year ALL the moglins of Lore were kidnapped by Zadd the Golemancer, who wanted to steal their hug magic! Now, you know the moglins of Lore are very friendly, but some of them prefer to pick and choose their friends on their own terms. Zorbak is one of those! When Zadd goes to hug him, unexpected things happen! Log in to see the conclusion of the Frostval storyline and the opening of Chapter 4's Frostvale!

Who wants PRESENTS?
After saving them from the nefarious Zadd, the moglins of Frostvale want to show their appreciaton by showering you with gifts!

Head to Frostvale and talk to Maya (or click on the Gift button in Falconreach) to have access to this year's Frostval Weapon series! These Silver weapons range from level 10 to level 60 and are available for both free and upgraded players.

You can also talk to Papa Moglin in Frostvale to merge ANY level of Dragon Head weapon with an Ice Dragon Head item to create the level VI or level VII Dragon Head weapons!

On the fourth week of Frostval, DragonLords find under their tree...
Brand new base class armors in the Armory! This may be the worst kept secret we have ever tried to keep! We will have to work harder on that next year (but considering our track record, and how much fun it is to give you guys sneak peeks, we won't try too hard)!

Head to DragonsGrasp, to the Armory, and talk to one of the three trainers there to change your base class for a Dragon version! These classes will only ever be available to DragonLords, so if you like the look of them (and the skills and animations), then now is the perfect time to upgrade your character and gain access to them!

Merry Frostval to all, and to all a good night!

Geopetal, Rolith, Lim, Ghost, Tomix, and I along with the rest of the Artix Entertainment staff want to wish you the merriest of Frostvals and a happy holiday! Thank you for enjoying our games and, as always, we can't thank you enough for your support and feedback.

Merry Frostval!

©2017 Artix Entertainment, LLC

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