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Wanted: Hug Magic!

Category: DF Design Notes
Posted on December 18, 2009

By Alac

Putting the squeeze on poor little moglins!
Now is the time for all good heroes to come to the aid of the moglins! (If you've taken a keyboarding/typing class, that phrase may sound familiar, but this version is much more topical.) YOU know that Zadd wants the moglins for their hug magic, but THEY don't! What you don't know is HOW Zadd plans to get that magic from them. From the evil look in his eyes, it's not going to be pretty. So get in there and save those moglins! Just make your way to Frostvale to do Act 7 of this year's Frostval storyline! And if you've never imagined ice-skating Frost Golems, this is the release for you!

The face of Zadd (and his pointy goatee) revealed!

Not Ravenloft. Not Ravenclaw. Welcome to Ravenloss!
Head to the southwest of Falconreach, by Warlic's statue. You'll find a mysterious portal which will take you to the Undercity of Ravenloss! There, Tomix is waiting for you. He has much to tell you about himself, Greed, SoulWeavers, and both the ChaosWeavers and Ravenloss. What he doesn't know, you'll have to help him discover. Only the town is available this week, Tomix has not yet decoded enough of the runes on the Equilibrium Gate to unlock the quests in Ravenloss. He thinks it will take him a week or two to figure out where to begin looking. For now, talk to Tomix and run around Ravenloss. And speculate on just what you'll be doing once SoulWeaver class is released!

Tomix is waiting for you in Ravenloss!

On the third week of Frostval, the moglins gave to me....!
Best of 2009 Free Player weapons and a DragonsGrasp minigame! We asked which of the weapons available to free players from the entire year of 2009 you guys liked best and, based on your votes, we made higher levels of the top three choices! Look for the level 47 Ice weapons, level 49 Wind weapons, and level 51 Fire weapons! Just click on the shop button in Falconreach.

DragonLords can access a new minigame this week! We call it "Slayer Splash"; DragonLords will be dropping water balloons on the most prominent non-DragonLord of them all: the DragonSlayer Galanoth! You don't want to HURT him, but who can resist dropping water balloons from a flying city? Watch him run away, then giggle like a little schoolgirl. It's ok, we do it, too!

CAUTION: Construction Zone!
Coming next week: the East Village! We won't tell you what will be in it just yet, but the building is underway! Zadd made my promise to return the moglins I borrowed by Wednesday, so I don't have much time! And I'm not allowed to steal any of their hug magic, either, he says. THAT would have made the construction go much faster. Sadface.

We borrowed moglins from Zadd. He made us promise to return them.

Frostval continues, but in the real world, Christmas is almost upon us! We hope you're all enjoying the holidays and making sure to spend time with your family and friends, because we're deifnitely going to be spending time with ours! If you have to travel to do it, fly/drive/walk/swim safely!

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