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Category: MQ Design Notes
Posted on December 1, 2009

By Warlic

This Week we are releasing the Bossfight for the Sekali desert. Delve deep into the lost temple and search for Nephyrisis's resting place! We are also working on our first player-equippable vampire weapons!

Also, for tomorrow's Wednesday mini-release, I have another new engine update in the works. Equipping a new mecha will no longer unequip your energy blade. However, changing your pilot class will reset you to the default blade since it requires a complete character reload.. Also, new Facebook notifications will be added for Leveling up.

For the "Four Weeks of Frostval", Star Captains are going to get a new powerful item every week this month! These new items, when combined will form this month's Star Captain mecha model: "The Viking!" be sure to play every week to get your Frostval Gifts - Starting this Friday!

We have started to work on this year's Frostval release! The hottest holiday shop, Vil-Mart, is getting ready to open in Frostval and everyone is rushing there to get the best deals on holiday items like the incredibly popular "Ticklish Zorbo" dolls. The crowds are starting to get a little rowdy and starship traffic in the area is literally exploding!>

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