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Black Friday Upgrade Cards!

Category: MQ Design Notes
Posted on November 23, 2009

By Warlic

This Friday, many will camp out at their favorite stores and get trampled by insane holiday shoppers desperately trying to get the berst deals this holiday season... If you are one those who is brave enough to go outside, I wish you luck! While your out there in the battlefield... err...I mean the retail stores... Keep a look out for our Upgrade Cards! You can find them at the following locations! Well, if you get a card and redeem it on Black Friday (or up to a week later...) you will get a special bonus -- a mecha moglin head called the Mask of Cole. The cards are good for both AdventureCoins and Memberships. Our other games are also running similiar specials for Black Friday.
Check out the Black Friday Specials page

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