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Happy Thanksgiving!

Category: MQ Design Notes
Posted on November 23, 2009

By Korin

Hello everyone and Happy Thanksgiving!! We've released and as you may have noticed already, you're fighting turkeys. It's probably no surprise but the gobbles will be. They are made by Thyton, Yergen Von Shmergenbergen, and myself. The Falcon Smack used by the Monthly Star Captain mech is voiced by me as well.

Lots of fun stuff in this release.The cutscenes are funny if I do say so myself. The monster attacks are hilarious which Yergen did another great job animating them.

One thing to make note of is the Fried Turkey Launcher weapon. This weapon was animated by Minar. I think he did a great job. It's his 2nd weapon. I haven't had time to work on his first one but this one works just fine.

We're releasing the Star Captain Monthly(well.. mostly monthly) Mech, the Falcon. He uses the Falcon Smack attack(referenced above). Yergen again did a fantastic job. It looks awesome and I hear it's very powerful.

In addition to the new items, we also buffed last years Thanksgiving items. In addition to those, we have house items, one of which is a turkey that will guard your house and if an intruder hits him, they will have to fight a Turkinator or the boss whose name I forget. I will call him Joe.

Despite it being a 3-day week for us, I feel we did a great job and made a fun release. We hope you all enjoy it. Most importantly, everyone have a good and safe Thanksgiving. We'll see you next week!!!

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