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Games By Artix Entertainment

MechQuest mq_1
Play the newest release filled with missiles, lasers, and huge mechs, finally in Gamma Testing phase!
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Deady! de_1
Play as Deady the Teddy in this diabolical new side scroller featuring the song "When You're Evil" by Voltaire.
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Jimmy the Eye je_1
Fly through the air, dodging obstacles and collecting coins along the way in this exciting mini-game by Artix Entertainment.
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DragonFable: FireSpawn fs_2
Can you defeat the Dragon on horseback? Try this new side scroller minigame by Artix Entertainment, featuring awesome graphics and music!
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Undead Assault ua_1
Fight skeletons, undead dragons, and more with this addictive minigame by Artix Entertainment. Upgrade your weapons as you gain levels for more monster smashing!
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AdventureQuest aq_1
Artix Entertainment's premier RPG game, AdventureQuest is a simple turn-based RPG that is updated constantly. Play in quests to gain class levels or participate in one of the annual events in AQ.
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DragonFable df_2
Check out this game under development by Artix Entertainment. DragonFable sports a new battle system, improved graphics, the ability to walk around the levels, in-game music, and more! This game is now officially out of beta development!
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ArchKnight ak_1
ArchKnight is a small RPG game based off of AdventureQuest, with the ability to walk around the game world. The plot for ArchKnight will be continued in the release of DragonFable. The game is available for guardians only.
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Other Games By Artix Entertainment:

  • ZardWars - Play in this special version of AdventureQuest where all monsters are of the Zard variety!
  • ZardRacing - Play an interesting minigame of Zard Racing.
  • L.O.R.E. Alpha - Go back in time with the alpha release of L.O.R.E., the predecessor to AdventureQuest.